Winemaking is all about blending.
That special combination of traits where something bigger and better is produced.

What happens when a unique mix of left and right brained people get together and decide to start making wine?  Meet Daylight Wine Co., a  team that blends humor, cleverness and attention to detail to create some of the most noteworthy wines around. 

We are very proud to create these remarkable wines and share our stories with you, our customers.




With the help of a talented crew of advisors and partners, these guys manage the day-to-day operations here at Daylight.



Andy describes himself as a "Recovering CPA", having started his career doing tax consulting for a large firm in the North Bay. A native of Sonoma County, he lives with his wife Sarah and their new baby girl Harper. Andy is responsible for managing the winemaking and sales teams, and is the engine that drives Daylight.

As his co-founder Bill often states, "Without Andy, this thing is just some really beautiful empty bottles."



Bill's day job is to design packaging for wineries, breweries and food companies via his design agency, Vertical, here in Sonoma. That said, his passion for storytelling and wine was the genesis of the concept for Daylight. He resides in Santa Rosa with his wife Kristy, but you'll see him daily in Sonoma, walking West Napa Street with his two dachshunds.

Feel free to yell a weiner joke at him as you drive by him and his hounds. He's used to it.