Ammunition Recipes: Call for Entries

Hey Everyone! We're looking to create a collection of great family recipes that will pair well with our Ammunition wines. We're looking for tasty barbecue, wild game, sides, or anything else you and your family love to enjoy with a bottle of Ammunition.

We'll be testing them, and if they get used in our Ammunition recipe collection, you'll be credited and receive an official Ammunition Wines Tshirt.

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The BadgerHound is almost ready to hunt.

The Daylight crew had an incredibly fun time this morning!

First, we tank-sampled our upcoming Badgerhound release. Believe me when I say that this dog has some SERIOUS bite!

Next, we barrel sampled several of the components that will comprise the 2014 release of The Equalizer. They are tasting pretty incredible on their own, and we'll be making a few of them available as single-varietal releases only available to the Militia Club. Best to join now if you want to be a part of these VERY limited releases... as well as a few other treats we have in store this year.

 Sometimes you need to employ unconventional methods to sample that hard-to-reach barrel!

Sometimes you need to employ unconventional methods to sample that hard-to-reach barrel!

New Ammunition Releases Now Available!

New Ammunition Releases Now Available!

Our newest Ammunition and Trollop releases are now available for order at both and! This includes our first-ever Ammunition Chardonnay! After all of the sweat and tears that went into them, we're really proud to be able to share them with the world.

In celebration of these new releases, you can receive 20% off of your entire order by entering the code KABOOM16 when checking out.


Bottling day for Ammunition Chardonnay

Had a great day at the winery today, working to bottle up our Ammunition Chardonnay lineup.

In addition to our second vintage of our Trollop Chardonnay, we also bottled our first Ammunition Chardonnay, which has a VERY distinct profile from that of Trollop.

Look for these at a retailer near you very soon, or order some online soon!

Bottling is happening this Friday!

Excitement is at an all-time high this week, as we are just about to bottle our upcoming releases for the Ammunition™ brand!

We will be bottling our 2014 Sonoma County Pinot Noir, which is an incredible follow-up to our showstopping 2013 Pinot. 

Additionally, we will be expanding our Chardonnay lineup this year. Joining our cult Trollop Carneros Chardonnay will be an Ammunition-branded Sonoma County Chardonnay. It has very distinct qualities from that of the Trollop (including a big, buttery finish).

Did we mention that Rutherford (our Ammunition eagle) is going to be gracing our cases for the first time? You'll see him in a shop near you very soon.


 Rutherford the Eagle

Rutherford the Eagle

You can see them all stacked up here (though still wrapped in plastic). Should create an outstanding billboard for the brand at retail.

 That's a lot of bird.

That's a lot of bird.